Monday, 21 May 2012

The Lion and the Rat

This is my first blog. I am trying to collate all the short stories which we can narrate to the kids.

First story which is very popular for years and yet the favourite to all of them.

Lion and the Rat:

Once there lived a lion in a forest. It was fast asleep under a tree. There came a rat running around. It was all playing to itself. It climbed the lion thinking it was a rock and continued playing on it. Suddenly the lion felt a tickling sensation and turned around to find a rat running over it. The lion turned fierce and roared at the rat. The rat was frightened and ran away to save his life.

After few days, the lion was trapped in a net by a hunter. The rat happened to pass that way and found the lion in the net. Moved by scene, the rat cut the net in to pieces with its sharp teeth. The lion was freed from the net. The Lion thanked the rat for its help and moved on.

Moral: Should always help the needy.


  1. Good Idea. Just realized that I was lucky enogh to have read many such pricless short stories. Good to share them with the present generation.

  2. Please update the blog it's helpful to kids

  3.'s really good...add more stories...It's useful for story writing for 8th to 10th std students.